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      Inside the Arts

      • Aboriginal dancers (2) 4 x 6
      • Stage
      • Cod_Gone_Wild
      • EDAC 2017 Board
      • EDAC ke P3100029 4x6
      • Enderby cliffs and river 4 x 6 PA150170
      • Lantern_making_workshop
      • MBTR1
      • P1150366 (2) Goldilocks 4 x 6
      • P1150398 (2) MV Beattie 4 x 6
      • P1190147 (2) Drumming 4 x 6
      • P1190342 (2) Music by the River 4 x 6 2nd photo
      • P1200795 (2) Music by the River 3rd photo 4 x 6
      • P1260783 (2) Painting workshop 4 x 6
      • P1270138 (3) Public art log rollers 4 x 6
      • P1300253 (2) Neils artisan booth 4 x 6
      • P1300268 (2) Photo Contest 4 x 6
      • P1300332 (2) Clown with girls 4 x 6
      • xP1320367 (2) Lantern float dusk 4 x 6

      The Enderby & District Arts Council is a non-profit society, incorporated in December, 1991. Our volunteer-run Arts Council strives to support a culturally rich community in which the arts n develop and flourish. We organize many events over the year, most of which are offered free of charge. These? include, but are not limited to, Music by the River (the summer concert series), the Arts Festival in late July, classil concerts and lectures/workshops. We also provide bursaries and grants to support people engaged in the arts. Our Public Art Committee has installed several outdoor sculptures and murals in Enderby.

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